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Andrew Thomas

The pandemic had been part of our lives for a while when the work completely dried up for my company, and we entered the furlough scheme. Before long, the novelty of being ‘at leisure’ wore off, and I began to consider ways in which I could make myself useful at a time when a great many people were in need of extra help. When a vacancy for a volunteer became available, I didn’t hesitate to contact Fran, who suggested I came the following Wednesday morning to see what was involved.

While the actual operation what pretty much what I had expected – receiving donated goods and preparing bags for people who needed them – what I was not really prepared for was the profound impact it had on me to see just how great the need was in Southsea, and across such a wide cross-section of the community. I find it gratifying and humbling to be playing a small part of the wonderful effort being made by the St.Mags ministry to lend a hand to the people who need support at this time; it not only helps me to feel useful, but also gives me a greater sense of connection to the city I call home, and a far deeper appreciation of the home I share with my family. I always look forward to my shift, because I know I will be working alongside friendly, interesting and compassionate people; I’d recommend it to anyone.

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