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Staying Covid Safe

As you know, legal restrictions on wearing face masks, singing in church and social distancing were lifted on 19 July. Whilst many will be delighted at the opportunity to meet, worship, sing and enjoy fellowship together in a way that has not been possible for some time, we fully recognise that this will also cause anxiety for some. To ensure that everyone can join in, and based on current guidelines, we propose to introduce the following measures:


Track and Trace

Whilst there is no longer a legal requirement for churches to use the track and trace system for entry, it is still recommended. To give assurance to our congregation and visitors, whilst no longer being mandatory to gain entry, those entering the church will continue to be encouraged to use the track and trace system. Hand sanitiser will continue to be provided at all points of entry.


Face Mask and Social Distancing

Whilst it is no longer mandatory to wear face masks or socially distance, an area where it is still possible to do so will be provided for those who wish to use it. 


Congregational Singing

The restrictions on congregational singing have now ended - Hallelujah! Whilst this is a cause for joy and delight to many, we recognise that for those who are anxious or clinically vulnerable, it may be a cause of concern, so although congregational singing will recommence, for those who may be anxious and/or clinically vulnerable, an area of socially distanced seating will be retained at the rear of the church near the open entranceway.


Online Services

One of the unexpected blessings of Covid has been the streaming of services. This has not only provided a means of continuing to worship together during the pandemic, but provided a shop window for those who would not normally come to church in person, as well as access for those who, for whatever reason, can not attend in person. Online access to services will therefore continue.


Covid Safety

It has always been seen as a sensible precaution for those who know that they may be infectious to avoid coming to church to help protect others. In the case of Covid, due to the risks and its highly transmissible nature, this has been given legal force. We are therefore asking anyone who has Covid symptoms, or is instructed to self-isolate by NHS track and trace, not come to church. Do, however, let us know. You are part of the St. Mag's family and we want to continue to support you!

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