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Linnie Robbins

“Having been furloughed from the job I love and not being very good at sitting around doing nothing, I began looking for something to keep me out of mischief. My “day job” involves coordinating a truly amazing and passionate team of about 100 volunteers within the Dockyard and I was finding it difficult going from a busy, demanding role with a supportive and dedicated team to sitting at home trying to ignore my ironing mountain and convince the dog she wanted yet another walk.

Then I spotted a lovely friend of mine was raising funds and awareness for the local foodbank and was looking for a volunteer to cover a shift. A quick message and she was soon introducing me to the team. Volunteering here has given me a sense of purpose and seeing our community respond to the needs of others with such kindness and love during this pandemic has been heart-warming to see and a great honour to be part of.

I have enjoyed getting to know some of our regulars and having little chats when time allows. I love being part of our little “dream team” and credit both the team and the work we do for keeping me (vaguely) sane during the last 6 months of furlough and will certainly miss it all when I eventually get back to work”

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