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Kelly Cooper

‘My name is Kelly and I have been coming to St Mags since January 2021 . I love attending St Mags as Fran and Clare remind you constantly how much you are loved by God. The whole congregation is a family. There is a lovely, laid back vibe and everybody works together to make people feel welcome and loved. My young daughters now attend too and they love joining their friends to learn about Jesus and what he has done for us. St Mags is like a second home where myself and my family feel at peace.’

 Kelly Cooper, St Margaret's Community Church

Hildah Mapeta

I grew up in a society and culture where going to church on a Sunday was a focal point of the whole community, so as young girl I went along with that . Our Sunday services were very long, four hours or more, at that time as child I attended because that was expected of me to be there, so as long as I can remember church has been big part of my life, however 27 years ago, as a teenager going to church stopped being a societal or cultural expectation set by my parents, it became:-

1. My place of belonging

2. My place of peace

3. A place where I developed good friendships

4. Found love ❤️

5. My confidence and purpose was born in the church.

As an individual it was being part of a church family that developed my desire to transform those around me, or who came in contact with me in my day to day mundane life, through love . What I have found so profound is 16 yrs later being in this country, I have found that we serve a universal God as the same love & acceptance I experienced back in my country of birth in the church is the same love in my now church here in England .
Would I ever stop going to church NO !!!

 Hildah Mapeta, St Margaret's Community Church

Mike Godfrey

I became a Christian in my teens and for me the questions this life brings up are best answered by God's revelation both in nature and in the Bible. I go to St Mags for one simple reason - I love it ! The people there are my friends -and who doesn't want to be with your mates!.

We are all involved in church life, we have our battles and have each other as well God to fight alongside us. Plus there is really good coffee!

Mike Godfrey, St Margaret's Community Church

Clare Carabott

I have been going to church for the past 15 years of my life and absolutely love it. I have made some special friends who have chosen to do life with me, and journey together. I love worshipping and singing to a God who loves me so very much and I feel so close to him when I am with fellow Christians, all worshipping together. I don’t go to church out of habit, purely because I love being in God’s presence and with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I have the most amazing small group, where we meet each week, talk about issues that we are facing and pray together…I feel so blessed being in such an amazing church with such amazing people. When things get tough, we all pray together and watch God work – it is amazing.

I haven’t always felt like this about church, but I guess that may have been where I was at when I was younger. My parents took me to church from an early age, and I fell away at 15! I got a boyfriend who didn’t believe and then did my own thing for many years BUT I always believed in God…….he never left my side.

Oh, and the Vicar is quite nice too as I am married to him!!!! 😊

Clare Carabott, St Margaret's Community Church

Laura Preston

For me St Mag's isn’t just a building, it’s about the people. The individuals that I meet in the café and on Sunday - I regard as my family. We come together with music of all kinds, singing (when we are allowed to) and hearing about the great things that Jesus has done for us in the past and in the current times. We can be happy together and sad, but we are drawn together by Jesus and express this not just on Sunday but in the Foodbank, shop and cafe. Sunday brings all of this together in the celebration of Jesus

Laura Preston, St Margaret's Community Church

Dan Browning

I was involved in a very serious near fatal road traffic collision 4 years ago. Resulting in many injuries, the main one being a severe catastrophic brain injury. Soon after, St. Margaret's Community Church started its renovation local to me. And this church has helped both me and mum, in more ways than one. So I enjoy coming here as often as possible, to be with God and his children. As they found us when we were lost.

Dan Browning, St Margaret's Community Church

Fiona, Rhys, Rudi and Asa

We started coming to St Margaret’s as a family a few years  ago and despite not being able to attend Sunday service very regularly, had always felt so welcome. Now we go most Sundays with both our boys. Our eldest loves the games, the music and the soft play. And it’s so lovely seeing him with everyone there.

For us what we love is the family feel that this church has, the way that they have supported us through some pretty challenging times. The compassion, care and love that we have received from Fran and all those at the church has made us all feel so welcome and given me exactly what I needed.

I also love how the church really supports the wider community as well as those that attend service. Helping anyone that comes through the doors regardless of belief. For me that’s exactly what a church should be.

Ellie and Tommy

As I child I hated going to church as I found it so boring and I didn’t want this to be the case for Tommy, the morning service at St Margaret’s is perfect for him as it’s so relaxed and welcoming. Tommy feels safe and confident and gets involved more with the service each time we go. We both love that there are instruments for the children to play so they can join in with the worship and the interactive games in the service are always pitched at a level for children of all ages to take part in  with no pressure.

Abi Forbes-Plumpton

St Margaret's is my safe haven, a place I feel my most peaceful and most importantly a place I can just be myself without the fear of any judgement.

Since joining I have met the most amazing people!! Who I call my church family.

My children absolutely love attending St Mags too, they love learning about our savior Jesus, praying, worshipping, helping and playing in the soft play. There is just such an amazing sense of community at St Mags. We all support each other! It's great! I thank god everyday he brought me and my family to St Mags I am so grateful, god and St Mags saved me.

Fiona and Rhys
Ellie and Tommy
Abi Forbes
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