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Life Group

Meeting a new bunch of people can be quite daunting. But we promise you’ll always find a warm welcome here. With many groups to choose from, we can help you find one that fits.


This level of commitment to each other cannot practically be done in our corporate Sunday worship, but in a place where we can have close friendships. It is in this context that we learn to love each other, love God, and grow in wholeness. So we ask all our members to commit to maintaining open and accountable relationships by joining a small group at St Mag's.

Meeting weekly, they are a place of flourishing and life, where together you can learn how to follow Jesus with others on the journey. We’d love for every member of St Mag's to join a Life Group. Being part of a group is a place where you can:

  • Do life together with others bringing life

  • Learn, worship, and pray together

  • Develop real friendships and have fun together

  • Learn how to use the gifts God’s given you

  • And much more!

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